Located in Georgetown, Texas, 28 miles north of downtown Austin, Southwestern is affiliated with The United Methodist Church. In January 2010, to further its goal to become carbon neutral, Southwestern signed an agreement with the City of Georgetown to get all of its electricity for the next 18 years exclusively from wind power. In 1873, the union of these four institutions opened in Georgetown as Texas University.

Southwestern University (also referred to as Southwestern or SU) is a private, four-year, not-for-profit undergraduate, liberal arts college located in Georgetown, Texas , United States. In the early twentieth century when then Southwestern University president Robert Hyer was unsuccessful in moving the school he presided over from Georgetown, Texas to Dallas (the two cities are about 170 miles apart) he resigned from his position at Southwestern and spearheaded the effort to start a new university that would eventually become Southern Methodist University. The creation of modern day SMU was a direct result of earlier failed attempts to transplant neighboring university Southwestern University (Georgetown, Texas) to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I am going to be scooting around Georgetown with an electric motor scooter. My pay grade ends on the borders of Georgetown’s wind and solar. JB: I think that you mentioned earlier today that Georgetown is one of the five fastest growing cities.

So, those are all things that are important to people in Georgetown. It wasn’t an uphill struggle at all because this was a fact-based decision, and our voters in Georgetown are very intelligent, and they understand that. JB: What obstacles did you encounter in making Georgetown 100 percent dependent on wind and solar power, and how did you overcome them?

Mayor Dale Ross of Georgetown, Texas at the National Clean Energy Summit, Las Vegas, NV. Georgetown has discovered that the availability of fixed-rate, clean, renewable power is beginning to attract major corporations and has brought millions of dollars in new investment to the city. Buckthorn will soon be providing Georgetown with another 150 MW of power from solar power plants.

Georgetown closed out its contract for power from natural gas plants and instead signed a long-term power contract with Buckthorn LLC, originally owned by SunEdison, a large solar energy company. Georgetown’s choice to buy 100 percent renewable electricity virtually in Big Oil’s backyard was not taken to protect the environment. For Georgetown, the choice was all about economics.

Georgetown is a fast-growing, mostly Republican city of 65,000 about 30 miles north of Austin. Mayor Dale Ross, 58, of Georgetown, Texas, has the answer. (Right to Left) Mayor Dale Ross, Georgetown, TX, Mayor Jim Brainard, Carmel, IN, Mayor Greg Stanton, Phoenix, AZ, and San Antonio, TX Mayor Julian Castro at the October 2017 National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, NV.

  1. Inner Space Cavern
  2. Lake Georgetown
  3. San Gabriel Park
  4. Cedar Breaks Park
  5. Blue Hole Park
  6. Berry Springs Park

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